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How to add your website to the Google search engine.Add Your Website To Google
This is a free and easy method, but if you don’t have other sites linking to yours then you still may not be indexed immediately. Go directly to Google and use the Submit your website to Google page.

Backlinking From High Page Rank Websites
The second method of getting your site in Google is to let Google find your website on its own. This works by getting other sites that are already listed in Google to backlink to you. When Google revisits these already indexed sites, it will find your link and crawl your website and index all the webpages it finds. You will want to “Announce” your website to others and try to get other relevant web sites to backlink to yours.

Google works by following links and finding who is linking to who. If your website gets other Good Sites (websites that have a reasonable Google Page Rank already) to link to yours then you will never have to worry about having to submit it manually. This indexing system works by getting other sites that are already listed in Google to link back to you.

Finding a quality link partners with Google Page Rank is as easy as downloading the Google Toolbar. Or commission us to find these quality high Page Rank websites for you. You can then approach them yourself or we can do it for you.  More info below….

Using Articles To Get Ranked Fast By Google
One of the most effective methods for getting your website in the Google Index quickly is to have dozens, if not hundreds of one way links all pointing back to your website, all with backlink anchor text containing your primary keywords.

Let me explain. Let’s say your website is about “website hosting plans” and let’s also say that you are some what of an expert on “website hosting plans”.  And let’s also say that you can put some words together about “website hosting plans”.  Write an article, no longer than 500 words on any topic about “website hosting plans” and send it out to as many article websites as possible, which starve for information like yours.

Chances are an article written on “website hosting plans” will be added to a dozen new websites, each article containing a backlink back to your website, with a link containing your primary keyword “website hosting plans”.  I have gone into more detail here: Using articles to gather 1 way backlinks. Or if you find writing articles too difficult, we can write the article for you.

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