How A Local Will Design Your Website

Our Website Design Process

At a WebPage Designer Adelaide we follow a strict web design procedure which takes into account quotation, design samples, site development, testing and finally website upload and maintenance.

Quotation Process
From the first approach via email or by phone conversation, the website quotation process can be done via phone conversation, by email or by us coming to your place of business. Normally, we can provide an accurate quotation via email.

Once a quotation request has been made, we evaluate the information supplied and if need be call our client to extract more information about the proposed website. With all the information gathered we are than able to give an accurate quotation.

The first point of call with our quotation is to call the client and verbally give them an estimation to the cost of the project and how we can develop the site for them. They are then asked, if they would require an accurate written quotation.

If required a written quotation will be prepared outlining what we have understood to be the clients website requirements. We also include formally what design procedure is and payment details. This information is emailed to them in an Adobe PDF Document for their appraisal.

When confirmation is received from the client, a meeting may be organised to discuss their website design project further.

  • A deposit of 40% of our total estimation is paid into our Bank Account before any design samples are developed.

Preliminary Design
Once the deposit has been deposited into our Bank Account work begins on a preliminary design sample. This design sample is based on all the information(brief) provided by the client. A preliminary design sample will be submitted to our client no later than 8 days for their appraisal.

The design sample will be available online via our online secure server. Feedback and changes can then be requested by the client via email or phone.  Any changes or re-designs to the design sample will be done at this time and then re-submitted to the client.

Once the design sample has been approved, all content (text and images) supplied by the client will be sent to us my email or mailed to us on CD. We do not accept hand written or printed content. All website content must be in digital form.

Website Development Stage
With the design sample approved and all the content received by us, the actual website design process begins.

A Work In Progress folder will be setup on our secure web servers, with the web address given to the client. This facility allows our clients to watch their websites being developed in realtime and at this stage the client can request any modifications until they are completely happy with the look of their new website.

Once the website development stage is complete, the client will be informed and asked to go through the web site, page by page taking note of corrections and changes, which they will then pass back to our designer. An Editor will then check the site for spelling errors and correct grammar, plus image placement.

Then when the client is completely happy the site does and looks exactly as they require, we will then upload all the webpages to a hosting folder on our server.

Website Hosting and Sign Off Stage
Most of our clients are first time website owners and require a complete package of website design and website hosting. We hold the completed website in a Hosting folder on our server until a hosting package has been setup for the client and all Domain Name Delegations are complete.

Email accounts will be setup, forwarding all email to our clients email programs. In some projects after negotiations I will go to the clients place of business and setup the email software myself, ensuring that any email sent from the site is received by the client.

When the hosting and email accounts have been setup and are complete and an invoice is made out for final payment, the website will be transferred to our live server and DNS activation will be completed and the site will go live to the Internet.

Web Site Maintenance after Signing Off Stage
We provide our clients with 30 days of free website maintenance after the website has been signed off and is now on the Internet. In this 30 day period corrections and mistakes will be fixed. However if extra changes and content need to be  added, a fee of $45 per hour with a minimum of one hour will be charged.

On going Website Maintenance
In most cases unless the client wishes to have a self managed website developed, we will be commissioned to keep the website up to date and fresh.  This maintenance fee will be negotiated at the time of quotation.  If a client only wants minimal website updating, we charge an hourly rate of $45 with a minimum of 1 hour charged. Website quote.


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