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Our website designer Steve Szasz“Steve Szasz is a leading South Australian  Web Site Designer in Adelaide. His passion of providing his clients with the very best web site designs has allowed him to enjoy a decade of client referrals and internet awards.”

Established in 1999 we have built 100’s of websites catering to all sorts of industries all over Australia and the World.

We offer our clients individual web site design solutions which include web page design, ecommerce website development, multimedia (Flash) animations, web hosting, domain registration and search engine Optimisation. And getting your business online has never been easier. No job is too small or individual.

Our quotations are set in Stone. No on going fees and definately no hidden costs!

Dealing With A Local Web site Designer in Adelaide!

We use tommorrows technology today to design high quality, low cost websites for all types of business. Ecommerce , Blogs, online brochures to chat forums. We design basic websites to full blown self maintained Content Management Systems and being local means that when you really need us, we are only a local phone call away.

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Let Your Customers Finding You On The Internet!

Millions of new webpages are added to the internet everyday and unless your website is Search Engine Optimised you will never be found. We are Web Site Marketing specialists who have the knowledge and technology to help you make a major impact on Google, Yahoo and MSN. There is no need to sit back and hope that you will be found when we can give your website the BOOST you need.

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Don’t Let Your Web Host Rip You Off!

Forget the big Web Hosting companies and thier miriad of web hosting offerings! To take the confusion out of web site hosting, we only have 2 Web Hosting Packages which already include more bonus features than you will ever need. Our Web Hosting packages give you fast, reliable web hosting with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical backup and support support. Php, mysql, statistics and up to 500mbs of storage are included in our Budget Hosting Package and up to 2 Gigabyte of data downloads in our Premium Hosting Package. Web hosting packages start from $165 per year for the Budget plan and $215 for the Premium plan.

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Call me on 0466 369466 if you want to deal with a local Web Site Designer in Adelaide.

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Stephen Szasz
Managing Director

I have been developing websites for my clients since 1999. I love nothing more than designing a clients website and getting their first email of a sale. "There is nothing better than a satisfied client".


Phone: 0466 369466 (9am-6pm)


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