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DIY Search Engine Optimization for your small business.

When a user types in a keyword or search phrase into a search engine query box, they will receive a listing of website’s that offer information, products and services related to that keyword. Search engines strive to list the most qualified and optimized website’s at the top of their list.

SEO is the practice of modifying visible and invisible website content in addition to establishing links from other relevant website’s to gain a higher prominence on the internet.

DIYSEO - SEO For Your Small Business

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Merely submitting your site to the search engines is not enough. unless your site appears in the top 30 results of the major search engines, there is hardly any point in submitting your site at all.

And when you have completed stage one of your website marketing work, were is your website positioned on the search engines? We make that process simple as well by supplying you with with a range regular reports and website analysis to help you keep track of your website progress. Check out our SEO plans below and get get serious about your business online!

Finally! A web-based solution for small businesses to get search engine traffic at a fraction of the cost.


Founded by pioneers in the SEO space, DIYSEO is a robust, step-by-step program that will guide you on your site’s SEO journey at a very low monthly rate. The DIYSEO program will consistently help maintain your small businesses SEO campaign in an accessible and simple way.

We leverage our expertise to make the complex world of SEO more simple. There are three major steps to DIYSEO: Plan, act, and measure.

1. Plan
When you get started, we will ask you a few questions to find out more about your site, such as site type, industry, and location. You will also use our keyword targeting tool to choose which keywords will have the highest impact for your site. With these inputs, DIYSEO will then create your customized action plan.

2. Act

The application guides you through easy to complete, bite-sized tasks that will educate you and improve your site’s visibility on search engines. These tasks are bucketed into sections, including link-building, on-site optimization, local search, and social media.

3. Measure

You can monitor your site’s performance with our easy to understand reports and customized dashboard. We will also keep track of your progress as you complete various tasks, moving from SEO novice to SEO expert.

Throughout your SEO journey, you will have access to experts and fellow users to answer any questions. DIYSEO is a great solution for small businesses to finally tap into all that search engines have to offer.

DIYSEO - SEO For Your Small Business

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