Repair Hacked WordPress Websites

We specialise in finding and fixing WordPress websites that have been Hacked.

hacked1WordPress has quickly become the must have content management system for website owners and web development firms all over the world.

  • It’s mostly free to use
  • Can be expanded easily with plugins
  • 1000’s of free and paid for themes
  • Makes owning a website cheaper to build

But WordPress has one major downfall. Without proper maintenance, it can be very easy for Hackers to break into the back-end and destroy your website.

WordPress websites are Hacked every day, no one really knows why and most website owners have no idea what to do when they get a message on their homepages saying “YOU’VE BEEN HACKED”.

So, has your website been hacked and you have no idea how and why a hacker would want to destroy your site? Or, has your website account been blacklisted by Google as a reported ATTACK page by your ISP or Internet Registrar?

We help WordPress owners everyday with all sorts of issues, Hacked websites is just another problem website owners have to deal with. We can help you, just like we have for 100’s of other WordPress owners.

WordPress website owners come in 2 types

  1. Have been Hacked and totally concerned about Hackers
  2. Haven’t been Hacked yet and not too concerned about Hackers

The first type of WordPress owner has had to learn the hard and expensive way about keeping their WordPress websites secure. The second type are in for a big shock, as they will be Hacked at some stage and it will cost them big time.

Out of 785 WordPress websites we tested for Hacker vulnerabilities, 477 failed. Terrible statistics and your website was probably one of the fails.

To find out for sure how anti-hacker your website is, we are offering a free 8 point security scan to any Australian WordPress website. If your website passes our testing you can rest assured that your site is as Hacker proof as you can make it. If your website doesn’t pass our testing, we will tell you were it has failed, so that you can tell your webmaster. We can also offer you our help to make your website safer.

Our service is fast and in-expensive. We can also offer you an on-going website security service, to help you keep all the important functions of your website up to date and Hacker proof.

If you would like to take up our free 8 point security scan, please email me at with your name and email, plus the website address you want us to scan.

Just remember, “it’s not the end of the world” I can fix this.

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