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Wordpress search engine optimisation packages and pricing.We have been successfully helping business clients succeed online since 1999. We know what it takes to rank your WordPress website on the major 3 search engines, using legitimate and Google friendly WordPress SEO techniques.

One of the most asked questions I get asked is, “why can’t anyone find my website on the search engines?” And my one and only answers is “Because unless you can prove you have a better website than your competitors, why would the search engines reward you for contributing nothing!”

You have to show the search engines (Google in particular) that you have developed a website that not only looks fantastic, but you have contributed to the search engine search results, not by just sitting around hoping for the best, you have been active in providing valuable content and made it easy for the search engines to find out what your website is about… this is called WordPress search engine optimisation (aka WordPress SEO). The good news for you, is that SEO isn’t as scary as you may think and for a relative low cost, we can help you get your WordPress website from obscurity to ranking as high as possible for a search term targeting the topic of your website.

You have 2 options when it comes to WordPress search engine optimisation.

  1. You can do a search on Google for the search term “WordPress search engine optimisation” and read everything you can about it and doing it all yourself.
  2. Or you could hire me to do all the work for you.

Specialists in WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

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Stephen Szasz
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I have been developing websites for my clients since 1999. I love nothing more than designing a clients website and getting their first email of a sale. "There is nothing better than a satisfied client".

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